What allergens are in Soy Kaas products?

Most of our Soy Kaas products contain both soy and milk. Our Soy Kaas Vegan products contain neither of these allergens.

Soy Kaas is Lactose Free, but is it Dairy Free?

Soy Kaas product is labeled "Lactose Free" and contains no lactose. Lactose is a milk sugar that many people are unable to digest easily. This is not a disease but intolerance. Many people are considered to be Lactose Intolerant.

What is caseinate and casein?

Our Soy Kaas products contain caseinate or casein, which are milk proteins, and therefore are not dairy free. It is commonly believed that milk proteins, not the sugars, found in milk are the cause for a dairy allergy. The ingredient line on the product states "caseinate (a milk protein)" or “casein (a milk protein)” and follows the requirements of the FDA with regard to allergen labeling.

What starch is used?

We use an all natural Potato Starch in our blocks and a Tapioca Starch in our Fat Free blocks. In the Grated Parmesan we use both Potato and Tapioca Starch.

Is the soy bean oil used refined?

Our soybean oil is naturally refined (A naturally expelled and refined soybean oil, produced without the use of solvents or any chemicals).

How long will Soy Kaas last once opened?

Similar to dairy cheese, Soy Kaas is preservative free and once opened needs to be carefully stored to be kept at optimum. To maintain quality after opening, store in an air-tight container.

Can Soy Kaas products be frozen?

Most blocks can be frozen, with the exception of our Soy Kaas Vegan products.

Is Soy Kaas Kosher?

Yes, our block products are certified by the Kashrus (Circle K). With the majority of the this certified -D for dairy.

Is Soy Kaas Gluten Free?

All Soy Kaas products are Gluten Free except for our Soy Kaas Vegan this because they contain Oat Flour which may have comingled with wheat while growing.