About Soy Kaas

History of the Soya Kaas Brand

In 1981, Richard and Joycelyn McIntyre were making tofu out of their kitchen in Florida. The product was so good and fresh that friends encouraged them to start a business. 

Richard and Jocelyn’s tofu became a hit. Looking to expand, and now considered industry experts at soy-based foods, they were disappointed when they tried soy cheese alternatives. The McIntyre’s thought they could do better. That began an intense commitment to develop a good-tasting, good-melting, easy slicing soy-based cheese. 

They initially called the new brand Soya Kaas and sold it in the bulk health food market where it was widely praised by vegetarians and vegans. Based on positive response to the commercial product, retails packages were introduced for consumers in 1986.

The Soy Kaas commercial business continues. Soy Kaas products are the "secret ingredient" in many national dairy-free brands.

The Soy Kaas Promise: Quality, Consistency and Taste Assurance

We make Soy Kaas (and two other brands, Rella soy cheese brand and Swan Gardens hummus) in our own manufacturing facility, Swan Gardens, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Most other soy cheese makers lease or rent facilities from larger dairy cheese makers.

The reason: control. We can ensure that our facility does not have dairy contamination. We also believe in the McIntyre’s original commitment and so we constantly look to improve our product for taste, melting and slicing. By manufacturing the product, we can assure you, our customer, that Soy Kaas is taste, cooking performance and quality will be consistent from package to package, every time you purchase.